How does Ballroom Dancing & Mental Health Awareness connect?


July is National Minority Mental Health Awareness month and a group known as Ballroom Nation has been giving attention by creating awareness for this cause 3 years in a row now. 

Who we are? 

     Ballroom Nation is a compiled group of dancers from all walks of life who have at least 1 common denominator and that is they all enjoy ballroom dancing. It was established by Author Jay Danzie in Detroit, MI who simply had a passion for ballroom dancing.

Ballroom Nation started simply as a Facebook group about 5 years ago as Ballroom Therapy and Jay changed the name to encompass a broader vision. Jay is a Suicide survivor so his life is now dedicated to helping others to help with resources and information to get the necessary help they need. 

     Ballroom Nation does a yearly event to raise awareness for mental health. This year is the 3rd Annual Event simply known as A “Saturday Night Serenade” which they will be flying in Daniel D the Violinist & 3x Apollo Winner. They are also partnering up w/ My Sistah’s & Me 24 hr hair braiding salon to celebrate 10 years of being in business which will include food and a hair braiding show with sounds by DJ Wax Tax N Dre @ The Showplace on July 21, 2018 @7pm. 

 Previous events included the historical Flash Mob at Hart Plaza ’16 and a Splash Mob at Metro Beach ’17. Jay decided to partner up with organizations like Matrix Human services, New Center Community, and now NAMI (National Association of Mental Illness). Jay first wanted to unite the Ballroom Community because there were deep seated grievances keeping it divided.

     Jay looked at the post slavery issues in his community as being a valid factor for life decision making in which many people tend to argue that it doesn’t exist saying that people should just need to get over it. Jay has found that many professionals in the mental health industry disagree. In fact Jay feels it not only effects African Americans (Descendants of Slaves) but that it effects all people in the US. Collectively we are all (Descendants of Slavery). There are many caucasians who suffer with trauma of watching lynchings and not being phased by murderous and heinous crimes along with all manners of despicable behaviour which burdens many caucasians to carry on enormous guilt and shame because of it.

Did you know?

     1 in 5 people are effected which means that mental illness probably effects people in your household or someone you know directly. There are actually over 200 mental health illnesses in 5 categories…

 the five (5) major categories of mental illness are:

  • Anxiety Disorders.

  • Mood Disorders.

  • Schizophrenia/Psychotic Disorders.

  • Dementias.

  • Eating Disorders.                *Some of the common types  

  • Deep depression, Bi-polar disorder I and II, Dementia, Sex addiction, Anti-social personality disorder, Anorexia Nervosa, Autism, Alcohol abuse, Drug abuse, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), Epilepsy, Gender Identity disorder, Insomnia, Male Erect disorder, Narcissistic Personality disorder, Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), Pain Disorder, Parkinson’s, retrograde amnesia, Sexual Fetishism, Sleep walking, Social Phobia, Stuttering, Road Rage, Cutting, Denial, Physical abuse and arguably Racism are just a few. 

Why you should GIVE today? 

     So we can continue to help educate and get help to those who are silently suffering. So we can get someone on the verge of acting out before they harm themselves or someone else. The fact is that the more people who don’t get help, there more likely that it will a matter of time before they commit a crime landing them in the prison system. The higher the percentage that they will hurt someone else or themselves if they haven’t done so already.

     Every Year NAMI does multiple walks for this Mental Health awareness charity around the United States and in Detroit we will be at Belle Isle September / 2018. Numerous sponsors and radio personalities turn up and support this event with hundreds of other supporters. Raising donations is even more crucial this year as the budget has been slashed more than 1/2 from the 40 million it received last year to approximately 18 million dollars in state funding that is said to be received this year. 

     Won’t you join us in 2018? It’s Free to register and you can join the Ballroom Nation Team today. Call us @ 323.332.6943 or go to the NAMI website and donate directly to NAMI.  They offer a collector’s T-shirt w/$100 donation. The more donations you rake in, the more prizes (like Duffle Bags and Fleece outerwear) you have the chance of receiving these items to encourage your efforts. Don’t forget to register with Ballroom Nation and come out and support this extraordinary family festivity! Registration begins at 8:00 AM.

WHERE to start: If you or someone you know needs Help Hotline number is –

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Call 1-800-273-8255

For those who have limited resources contact: 


This counseling service charges you $2 a minute with professionals and as low as $1.25 a min. To get immediate help 24 hours a day!!!

SLAA (sex and love addiction) meeting information (completely confidential) can be googled in your local area. 

Special Months to remember

  • May – National Mental Health awareness month

  • July – Minority Mental Health Awareness month

  • November – Suicide Survivor month.              

For more info Join the Facebook group Ballroom Nation (Lifestyles and Beyond) or

For more info on Jay specifically,

goto the web address

Or just google Jay Danzie, your smile is your logo, for thousands of people all over the world that recognize his work. 

Thank you in advance for all of your support!

From Jay Danzie &

the entire Ballroom Nation family